DevOps is way past the “only the hip kids” phase of acceptance. With most of our clients showing an interest in DevOps the Bay Area is experience a severe shortage of the skilled resources needed to ensure success. Most professional services firms can’t define DevOps much less find you someone competent to lead or support your projects. Phoenix has been deeply plugged into the DevOps community since its beginnings and recruits nationally to fill Bay Area positions.

If you’re still looking to kick off a program, Phoenix has a project-oriented DevOps team than can effectively support multiple simultaneous clients. The Phoenix 2.0 DevOps implementation team is made up of cloud operation professionals from Fortune 500 companies such as Walt Disney, RackSpace, Apple etc. Our team has executed and streamlined the IT life cycle for companies of many sizes working with a variety of tools and our processes.For example, we have two clients for whom we’re using Puppet to build a sound foundation for their DevOps thrust. The accordion below provides a picture of the project design. Click on each elements to see more detail.